In any long distance relationship, there will come a time where things get tough, moments that make you question whether or not it’s all worthwhile. Whether it’s the plane ride back home knowing you won’t see them again for another few months, a fight you had due to miscommunication, or just seeing and hearing about same-city couples and how easy life is for them. Let’s face it, being in an LDR is tough. That being said, there are plenty of reasons to power through the bleak times and enjoy the things that make the relationship worth it. Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t throw the towel in and have more hope in your LDR!

1. It’ll be a while before you see them, but seeing them makes it all worthwhile

long distance relationship advice

You may find yourself counting the months, weeks, days, minutes and sometimes even seconds until you can see your significant other again. Sometimes, this countdown can have you feeling discouraged – as if you’ll be waiting forever just for the same thing to happen all over again. It can be tough only seeing the one you love periodically and have to pack every fun activity into a short time span. Whenever you catch yourself feeling like this, you’ve got to stop and ask yourself, how does it feel when you’re finally with them? When you wake up that morning knowing that you’ll get to embrace them in your arms and see their smile light up your day, that you’ll be able to cook breakfast together, watch your favourite series, play your favourite games or even just being able to hold each other’s hands while you go for a walk. All of a sudden that countdown clock may not seem as intimidating after all. If the feeling you get whilst you’re with your partner makes up for all the nights spent sleeping alone, then there shouldn’t be a doubt in your mind as to whether waiting for them is worth it or not!

2. You won’t do everything together, but it’ll make for great stories in the end

long distance relationship advice

Have you ever found yourself at a party, a family dinner, or even just watching a show in front of the TV thinking, “I wish my boyfriend was here” or “Having my girlfriend by my side right now would make this a whole lot better”? It’s normal to want your partner by your side so you can enjoy fun times – and not so fun times – together. On the contrary, doing things apart could actually be great for your relationship. When you guys catch up over the phone or on Skype, you’ll get to tell them all about how your friend spilt a drink all over her white shirt at that party, your uncle’s bad jokes at the family dinner, or the great new show you’re into that you want them to watch. You’ll be able to catch up and have plenty of stories to tell each other, until they’re able to join in on one of your outings in person. This also gives you more time to bond with your friends and family on your own, and work on yourself in the process.

3. You won’t always have their shoulder to cry on, but it’ll make you stronger

long distance relationship advice

You may have just wrote the hardest exam of your life, or had a really tough day at work. You want to tell your S.O. all about how you feel, but it’s 2 am where they live and they’re fast asleep. When you do get the chance to talk to them the next day, crying over Skype just doesn’t feel the same as being able to snuggle up to their shoulder in that moment. Distance creates obstacles in the sense that you won’t always have the immediate support of your significant other when something goes wrong. Though It’ll make you learn to deal with problems on your own more effectively, so when the time comes, when you finally do close the distance, you’ll both be the strongest versions of yourselves, making your relationship bulletproof!

4. In the end, you’ll be able to say “we made it!”

long distance relationship advice

Sometimes, long distance relationships don’t work out for reasons other than the distance, but to end an incredible relationship just because of the miles apart signifies giving up hope. Every relationship requires hard work and perseverance, especially a long distance relationship. Pushing through the rough times & working towards your end goal of closing the distance is something to be proud of. Being able to look back and know that you survived the countless, days, months or years with the number of miles between the two of you will show just how much strength, courage, perseverance and love you have for one another. Which will be the greatest indicator that you’ve found your soul mate. We understand the distance is hard, but there’s nothing harder than giving up on something that gives you hope. Love.
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