You’re So Sweet


Send some sugar to your sugar.
The perfect gift if your long distance partner has a sweet tooth, this care package is packed with enough candy to satisfy even the most hard-core sugar fanatics.
So let’s keep both the romance and sugar rush high & let this care package do the sweet talking for you!

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● I donut care about the distance! Deliciously scented doughnut hand-cream, to keep those hands as soft and sweet as always.

● Cupcake lip balm – the sweetest little beauty accessory for all the cupcake fans out there!

● Swizzels Refreshers Original Chew Bar – A chewy hard candy filled with tongue tantalising sherbet. Taste buds haven’t truly lived till they’ve had this classic!

● Swizzels Refreshers Strawberry Chew Bar – As above but this time with a strawberry twist, it’s a tough choice between the two, we just eat them one after the other!

● Haribo Gummy Bears

● Haribo Coca-Cola bottles

● Haribo Strawberries

● Love hearts sherbet dip, the couple’s favourite sweet reinvented into a super sweet sherbet dip. Includes a candy floss flavour love heart stick to dip and enjoy into Orange Sparkle, Tangy Raspberry & Zingy Lemon flavoured sherbet.

● Wrigley’s Hubba Bubba Snappy Strawberry Mega Long Chewing Gum.
A super, super long piece of gum… maybe not long enough for that romantic lady and the tramp moment with the distance between you both, but it should keep their mouth busy till you’re finally together.

As you can tell, if your sweetheart has a place in their heart for the classic and retro delights, this care package is the perfect send.


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