Always Be A Unicorn

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane?…No! It’s a friggin Unicorn! Feeling a bit Uni-corny?

Whether your long distance friend or partner needs an injection of magic, or if they’re simply unicorn obsessed, then look no further.

They’ll be head over hooves in love with this colourful treasure trove of a care package – seriously it’s like a unicorn threw up sunshine and rainbows into this box. No matter how great the distance, send them the reminder ‘You should always be yourself…Unless you can be a unicorn, then be a UNICORN!’

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This Magical Care Package Includes:

• Drinking Jar With Straw ” Unicorns Are REAL”

Comes in handy when drinking those magical elixirs

• Edible Unicorn Poop

Now you must be curious! (Who knew unicorn poop tasted like rainbow drops)

• Unicorn Manicure Set

Convenient and ever so pretty manicure set to keep those nails on point no matter where they roam in the wild.

• Unicorn Tweezers

Because plain old tweezers just don’t make the cut anymore.

• Cute Unicorn Lip Balm

• Compact Matchbook Nail Files

• Unicorn Air Freshener


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