Tips For Long Distance Relationships

long distance relationship tips
When you encounter happy LDR couples that have successfully lasted 2, 3, or even 5 years together, you may find yourself thinking, what’s their secret? What tips for long distance relationships have they successfully implemented? It’s safe to say they probably use more than one trick in the book to keep the spark alive all those years! Though it may be surprising to hear that the best-kept secrets of successful long distance relationship couples sometimes aren’t the most obvious.

1. Avoid Communicating Constantly

long distance relationship advice

You may think that constant communication is key to making a long distance relationship work. The truth is, it’s often best to give your partner some space to work on their own career, hobbies, and interests, even if you’re not physically with your partner very often. Time spent with friends and family without your significant other being there or constantly checking up on you is also important. Instead, you could try calling your partner on the phone at the end of the day, or any time that works for both of you, as opposed to texting each other continuously throughout the whole day. This will give you both more to talk about, in a relaxed state without other distractions, making the time you do get to communicate, that little bit sweeter!

2. Set Ground Rules – But Play Fair

tips for long distance relationships

Contrary to popular belief, the key to a successful LDR is not having a ton of rules and restrictions for each other to follow. Although, the opposite is also true – don’t avoid setting any sort of ground rules between the two of you. Instead, it’s best to come to a happy medium. Communicate effectively with each other to find out your likes and dislikes and what each person is comfortable with, in order to set some guidelines. For example, you may be comfortable with your boyfriend/girlfriend going out clubbing with a few of their friends, while they may not be okay with you doing that. They may be okay with you having a roommate of the opposite sex, while you would rather they lived with people the same sex as them. Come up with compromises to ensure that there is clarity between the two of you on what’s okay and what’s off-limits. Though always make sure to leave breathing room and not be too restrictive, as this could make you or your partner feel as though they can no longer be themselves, which could form negative energy, jealousy and blame games, inevitably leading to a toxic relationship. So be sure to set some ground rules in order to have a better judgement and understanding of one another, but don’t allow them to get out of hand – after all, you aren’t together often, so will encounter situations which will require using your best judgment.

3. Have Different Interests

maintaining a long distance relationship

Of course, there are going to be plenty of things you share in common. That being said, it’s great to have some hobbies and interests that your partner doesn’t necessarily share with you. This way you’ll have a lot more to talk about,  as well as the opportunity to learn new things, both about the hobby and your partner. If they’re interested in learning more about your hobby or interest, you get to be their teacher, and best of all, if they really get into it, you get to see them enjoy doing something you love to do too! That being said, this hobby could just be something you do when you and your S.O. aren’t communicating or together – in this case, it’ll give you both some space, (which is perfectly fine too!).

4. Go On Dates – Virtually

LDR date

Most people may think that dates are strictly an in-person event. When you’re in a long distance relationship and don’t often get to be with the person you’re dating, it can suck not being able to go on dates as much as you’d both like, which is why this is one of the best tips for long distance relationships. An adorable idea that’s just as fun to plan as it is to conduct, would be a virtual date night, crafted just right for you and your long distance partner. Conjure up a list of fun ideas for the night’s agenda, and get creative! One example is to start by playing a cooking video simultaneously and following the instructions to create an elegant dinner for two. Then, settle down to a movie that you can both watch and comment on at the same time as if you were in the same room with them! End the night with some friendly competition by playing a game on your phones against each other, such as QuizUp. These virtual date nights are an easy, inexpensive way to bond and get to know your S.O. better. They can be done spontaneously, or even planned as a weekly or monthly occurrence to give you both something to look forward to. Take turns planning the nights to give your long distance boyfriend/girlfriend a chance at impressing you.

If you’re stuck on ideas and time to plan, there’s always the LDR Care Package Date Night Subscription, the perfect long distance relationship gift, which takes care of all the planning for you, curating uniquely themed & fun-filled date nights, as well as treating your partner to yummy edibles each month!

5. Have An End Goal

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Don’t get into a “never-ending long-distance relationship”. There must come a time in your relationship when you plan to come together and close the distance. Whether it be your partner graduates from school, ends their work contract abroad, or moves to your city permanently. If you don’t have a common goal of the relationship progressing or don’t see the problem of distance coming to an end, then it’s best to re-evaluate the relationship. Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but permanent absence just leads to a broken and lonely heart. Communicate with your loved one to make sure your end goals align! Make it crystal clear what you both expect, potentially creating a time frame for when you would like to close the distance. It’s also practical to keep in mind though that life may get in the way of such plans, meaning you may not always be able to close the distance by the time frame that you initially anticipated. In circumstances like these, try not to become discouraged, instead, stay strong and determined, keeping the thought in your mind that one day, the plane ticket will be one way, making it all worth it in the end!


Let us know below some of your top tips for long distance relationships, who knows, you may potentially spark inspiration into someone’s LDR journey!